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Foundation Board

The Benchley-Weinberger Foundation is composed of a 15 person Board of Directors — five of whom are annually elected officers. We welcome and encourage attendance at our monthly board meetings, and appreciate and need as many volunteers as we can get to help us run our events.

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2023-24 Officers

Foundation Co-President

Ally McGrory Reyes


Danielle (Dani) Perkins

Teacher Liaison

Katrina Korthase

Foundation Co-President

Brianne Korthase


Cynthia Parson

Teacher Liaison

Katherine Luera

Vice President

Katherine (Kathy) Collins


Amanda Dexter

Voting Members

Alina Strauss

Taryn Gross

Antoni Hanus

Corinne Hirt

Ellen Immergut

Marina Matamis

 Jackie Schott

Julie Soper

Lindsey Wisherd 

Fundraising Chairs

  • Fun Run:  Katherine Collins, Ali Ohnersorgen, Alina Strauss, Adrienne Magcalas

  • Gala and Auction: Dani Perkins, Lindsey Wisherd, Cynthia Parson

  • Spirit Wear:  Rachel Carroll and Steve Straughn

  • Tiles: Dorit Harari

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