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Benchley Weinberger's

In addition to your generous donations and support through our fundraising efforts, there are other ways for you to donate directly to your classroom and the school. The Amazon Wish Lists below are regularly updated by the teachers and staff to request items they need. The teachers will sometimes also create Donors Choose campaigns. You are also welcome to ask your teachers if there is anything they need for the classroom!

Other ways
to donate


Classroom Wishlists



Ms. Brugh – Please ask!

Ms. Copeland

Ms. Sward


Ms. Korthase

Ms. Trujillo – Please ask!

Ms. Van Beck

First Grade

Ms. Puyear

Ms. Safont

Ms. Sibbet

Second Grade

Ms. Bardin – Please ask!

Ms. Glaze

Ms. Kindron – Please ask!

Third Grade

Ms. Ohnersorgen

Ms. Rye

Ms. Schroeder

Ms. Vasquez

Fourth Grade

Ms. Filner – Please ask!

Ms. Luera

Ms. R-G

Fifth Grade

Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Gaspar

Ms. Hasselbar 

Ms. Manis


Mr. Dev – Media

Coach D – PE – Please ask!

Mrs. Griswold – Library

Front Office and Nurses

Counseling Office

Kelly Straub – Education Specialist (Student Center)

Lisa Larsson – Education Specialist (Bungalow C)

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