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Benchley Weinberger Panda Pages

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What is Panda Pages?

Panda Pages is a fun reading challenge sponsored by your Benchley Weinberger PTA. The goal of Panda Pages is to make reading fun and to help foster a lifelong love of reading.  

Panda Pages is not mandatory, but all pandas are encouraged to read a certain number of minutes per year.  This is a challenge, so you’ll earn awesome prizes for your reading!

What are the goals of the challenge?

UTK through 2nd grade = 2,000 minutes per year, about 20 minutes per day
3rd through 5th grade = 3,000 minutes per year, about 30 minutes per day


Lots of types of minutes count!

  • Reading in school

  • Reading at home

  • Parent reading to child

How does it work?

Students can track the minutes they read with our reading tracker powered by an app called Beanstack. It’s an easy-to-use, fun, engaging place where you can:

  • record your minutes read

  • earn cool badges

  • connect and compete with your friends

  • record the book titles you are reading

  • write book reviews to share with your peers

Beanstack offers a web-based option AND a mobile app so you can record your minutes on the go!

Beanstack integrates with Clever, so you’re already ready to go!  No need to sign up for another account or remember new login information.  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Connect to Beanstack through Clever with your student ID number and password

  2. Log your minutes - you can enter them manually as often as you want to, or start a reading timer

  3. Earn your prizes!  The more you read, the more you earn!

Contact Us

Thank you for your participation in Panda Pages, and happy reading!

Please reach out to your Panda Pages chairpersons, Ellen Immergut and Amanda Bonds, with any questions.

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